Property Management

We apply best practices to take care of all your property needs

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Rent Collection

We collect monthly rent and keep your books and records updated

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Co-ordinate Repairs

We resolve issues by coordinating services and managing repairs

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Manage Properties

Townhouses Mississauga

We manage townhouses in all stages of tenancy. From leasing to upkeep and rent collection, we do it all. Whether you’re a tenant or an investor, we can help you.

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Condos in DowntownMississauga

Demand for condos is skyrocketing with people moving towards affordable, convenient living. We offer our services for any leasing or management help you may need.

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What's in it for you?

1. We will manage your property

We apply our years of experience to tailor methods and practices that best suit your needs. Covering all aspect of management, our services are suited to every investor’s requirements.

2. We will collect rent for you

Rent collection forms the main part of any tenancy. It is the reason for the existence of this system and we are set to do it for you with efficient systems to back us.

3. We will co-ordinate repairs

Any repairs that are required, we coordinate and see to completion. We have a team of professionals to see to your every need. All you have to do is report the issue to us.

4. We will screen tenants for properties

Before a tenancy can begin we screen the renting party. This service helps not only the property owner but the tenant too as they figure out if they’ll make a good match.

5. We will help you in rent deposit

We help you deposit your rent in a timely and structured fashion. We make sure you don’t have to go through any hassle during the process and simplify it for you.

6. We will help you in financial reporting

We keep records of all finances and transactions made. This helps all parties involved as we serve as a neutral third party with updated records.

How it works

Call us

Whether you’re a property
owner or potential tenant,
we can help you

Find the best offer

We have lists of housing
opportunities as well
as tenants

Have property managed

We cater to every need
of all our clients-owners
and tenants alike


  • Legal Affairs

    We keep up with rental guidelines from the state such as such as change in rate/tax etc., and implement them

  • Monthly financial reporting

    We maintain and regularly update your property’s financial records using best practices in the industry

  • Hassle-free management

    We guard and maintain your property, keeping it in good shape for future leasing and cater to the tenant’s needs