Co-ordinate Repairs

Complaint system

We have an efficient system in place whereby a tenant can get back up for any issue they’re having. It allows us to also keep a close eye on the workings of the establishment. We can thus better identify the cause of the issue and also analyze any bigger underlying problems. It also really ensures that no problem goes unnoticed so that it doesn’t result in bigger losses.

Team of Professionals

To take care of the aforementioned issues, we have a team of professionals and handymen. These are all skilled workers who have years of experience. We see to the fact that those who are delegated repair tasks are up to it. Through years of partnership with these experts we can confidently say that your grievances will all be taken for and your property will be in good hands.

No hassle

A lot of times what causes strife between the tenant and the landlord/property owner, is something miniscule. Third party management, as we do, gets rid of the possibility of an avoidable misunderstanding. We represent both parties and act as a neutral manager. This helps in guaranteeing a hassle-free, quality business experience for all involved.


  • Legal Affairs

    We keep up with rental guidelines from the state such as such as change in rate/tax etc., and implement them

  • Monthly financial reporting

    We maintain and regularly update your property’s financial records using best practices in the industry

  • Hassle-free management

    We guard and maintain your property, keeping it in good shape for future leasing and cater to the tenant’s needs